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Welcome to İzmir Private Investigation Services Limited Company.

Dear visitors,

İzmir Private Investigation Services Limited Company is the leader of “private investigation” as a profession in Turkey, and in its own sector, has maintained successfully its leadership for 17 years with continuous private researching studies. İzmir Private Investigation Services,  with each and every one of them is an expert, staff consisting of sector analysts, Professional law consultants, and research teams, acts by the needed demand of private or legal entities. İzmir Private Investigation Services never make concessions of quality standards for its individual or institutional customer portfolio. For over years, the rising success graphics only continues for its reliableness, honestly operated service quality, and for acting by the necessary ethical rules during the process of researching and investigating.

İzmir Private Investigation,which presents you not only individual but also institutional investigation service,  also offers you a consultancy service with its expert staff,  7 days and 24 hours, in order to answer all of your questions instantly. In any time you want, you can reach the team, using the numbers of connecting lines belonging to Izmir Investigation, ask your questions, and exchange ideas about any subject you wish. 

İzmir Private Investigation Services, in terms of the prepared personal labor contract, reevaluates the demanded research subjects mutually with its customers, fulfills the planning process for the activities to be conducted and promulgates the process swiftly. During the research process, İzmir Private Investigation Services only acts within the frames of  the labor contract. And never uncovers the credentials, research proofs, including the reseach topics, but guarantees reserving every right and information about the customer and the research itself.  When it comes to the budget of all the services, they are evaluated in terms of the study subjects, carried out activities and probable conditions, and it is made sure that this evaluation is carried out to the customer as advantageous as possible.

Individual investigation and institutional investigation services given by İzmir Private Investigation, is categorized differently in each. To examplify; The investigation services offered to Individual Customers are; In the cases opened by individuals, such as divorce, custody, fraud or theft, everything is researched objectively, and proofs are ascertained to present  the Legal Authorities, before and during the judicial process. Institutional Investigation Services are; same as the category above,  including the judicial processes, researches, company dealers or the identification and investigation of agencies, the demanded industry analysis and market researches and so on for the legal entities.
İzmir Private Investigation Services, maintains detailed, indefectible studies in terms of researches for its customer portfolio, with its Professional staff of expert private detectives, research teams, law consultants and sector analysts.  Whatsmore, the accuracy of the data gathered after the investigation is always documented and proved.

İzmir Private Investigation Services, starting from İzmir and Aegean Region where the General Management is placed, gives service to all of Turkey and other foreign countries. İzmir Private Investigation Services  sustains its heavy work for everyone, individually or institutionally who seeks for private investigation and consultancy services.





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